Grooming While Driving

Although it runs counter to common sense and safe driving practices, grooming while driving is one of the most dangerous things drivers can do when operating a motor vehicle. Whether it’s shaving or putting on makeup while driving, personal grooming presents a serious threat to the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Why Grooming While Driving Is a Concern

Grooming while driving is part of a much larger issue known as distracted driving—a term that describes any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from operating the vehicle. In addition to grooming, distracted driving can include texting, the use of electronic devices, eating and drinking, using a navigation system, adjusting a radio and many other activities.

Distracted driving behaviors like putting on makeup while driving or shaving while driving can cause injuries and fatalities. According to CDC research, distracted driving was responsible for more than 421,000 injuries and 3,328 deaths in the U.S.

Accidents caused by grooming while driving are preventable. By understanding the risks and committing to practice safe driving behaviors, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death for yourself and other motorists.

Tips to Help You Avoid Grooming While Driving

Distracted driving is a recipe for disaster, so it’s important to do whatever it takes to avoid grooming while driving. Here are some tips to help you resist the temptation to attend to personal grooming needs while behind the wheel.

  • Plan ahead. Poor planning is often the catalyst for driving and grooming incidents. Rather than placing your life and the lives of others at risk, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to perform grooming routines before you leave the house.
  • Keep grooming items out of reach. If you take grooming items with you, make sure they are well out of reach. For example, instead of leaving brushes or makeup on the passenger seat, secure them in the trunk or in the back seat so you won’t be tempted to use them when you are operating the vehicle.
  • Pull over, if necessary. If you can’t wait to take care of a grooming need while you are traveling, pull over to the side of the road. The few extra minutes it will add to your commute are a small price to pay for highway safety.

The most important tip to avoid grooming while driving? Keep your eyes on the wheel and hands on the road at all times. For additional tips, we encourage you to take a look at Decide to Drive’s “Wreck-less Checklist”—a handy guide with advice about how to avoid a range of distracted driving behaviors.